Friday, 5 June 2015

Andrew Charlton & History of World Economic Forum

In 2010, Andrew Charlton was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum has been an impetus for globalization with a rich history of impact. The following is an extract portraying their history, as gave by Weforum. 

"The World Economic Forum was established in January 1971 when a gathering of European business pioneers met under the support of the European Commission and European modern affiliations. German-conceived Klaus Schwab, then Professor of Business Policy at the University of Geneva, led the social affair, which occurred in Davos, Switzerland. 

The association was hence consolidated as a not-revenue driven Foundation. Teacher Schwab's motivation for making the Foundation was his book –Moderne Unternehmensf├╝hrung im Maschinenbau – in which the partner rule was initially character

Visit for complete information about the history of World Economic Forum here : .

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