Thursday, 29 January 2015

Andrew Charlton-Many Roles

Andrew Charlton has assumed many roles during his career, both in the field of politics and the field of economics. Not only was Charlton once the senior economic advisor the former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd between 2008 and 2010, he has also been recognized as an academic and author, particularly as the writer of such books as Ozonomics, which was published by Random House Australia in 2007, and Fair Trade for All, which was published by Oxford University Press in 2005. His collaborated with noted economist Joseph Stiglitz to produce Ozonomics.

andrew charlton

Andrew Charlton has provided service to the London School of Economics in the past, and has also conducted research that has been published in numerous leading international journals, including the World Economy, the World Trade Review and the American Economic Review. His research has covered such topics as international trade, economics and development.

Andrew Charlton has also been the recipient of numerous academic awards, both during his student tenure at the University of Oxford and at the University of Sydney, respectively. During his time at the University of Sydney, Charlton was proud to have won both First Class Honours in Economics, and the University medal in Economics, during the year 2000. As a student at the University of Oxford, He received the John Hicks Prize for outstanding doctoral student in 2004 and the Edge worth Prize for the best doctoral thesis in economics in 2005.

Charlton is also proud to have been named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, an honor he received in 2010. He now works for Wesfarmers.