Monday, 8 June 2015

Andrew Charlton: Rhodes Scholars

Andrew Charlton is among the group of Rhodes Scholars that attended Oxford University and went on to become productive leaders in their chosen fields of study. On the official website for The Rhodes Trust, the organization describes the values of a Rhodes Scholar that shine as each and every one goes on to be a leader in their field:

“Rhodes Scholars are women and men drawn from diverse backgrounds in many countries.  They are leaders in extra-curricular activities, committed to promoting the public good. In Oxford, as well as focusing on their studies and related academic and professional activities, Rhodes Scholars are active in their colleges, departments, University clubs and societies, and their local, national, and international communities.

Many take part in sporting, musical, theatrical, political, religious, and other activities. They are also deeply engaged in community service activities in Oxford and around the world, and the advocacy of causes they believe important for the world’s future.”

As a Rhodes Scholar, AndrewCharlton sought his post-graduate education at Oxford, where he obtained both a MPhil in Economics as well as a DPhil in Economics. From there, he went on to publish books and essays, as well as serve as an adviser to the former PM of Australia Kevin Rudd. 

He most recently served in a position at the Wesfarmers corporate offices, where he helped boost sales for Cole’s liquor departments. 

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