Friday, 29 May 2015

Andrew Charlton: Basic Studying Tips

As a person pursues their education further and further, they start to move away from the regiment of organized study times, and they become more independent in their abilities to manage their time and get the studying done on their own. 

But before you get to that point, there are a number of tips you need to learn so that you can stay on track and obtain the degree you are pursuing in the time frame that you desire. 

Below Andrew Charlton shares some basic studying tips to help you be more successful in your academic venture.

Take Effective Notes

In order to succeed in whatever discipline you are studying, taking effective notes is always a highly useful skill. Any mildly-educated person can write down what an instructor says, but an effective note taker will be able to keep up with the instruction by keeping their notes simple, noting important terms, formulas, dates and more that apply to a specific important subject.

Take Study Breaks

At times, taking a study break can be just as important as studying itself. Studies have shown that as a mind tires for excessive studying, it fails to retain information as well as it would in someone who is still focused and energized. So it is best when you are losing concentration, to step away from the books for at least 15 minutes and engage in an activity that can keep your brain stimulated. 

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