Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Finding a Career with an Economics Degree: Andrew Charlton

Getting that first job out of college can be the most important step in a long and lucrative career using your skills as an Econ major. There are many ways you can find a job, even with little to no experience. Responding to advertisements, walking in and filling out an application, using employment services all work, but the most effective way to land that first job out of college is networking. 

Many people cringe at the idea of networking because they find it fake and even scary. You have to score face time with people, talk to them on the phone, and present yourself as professional and hire-able no matter what, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Competition for the jobs you covet would rather sit in front of their computer sending out their resumes than speak to people face-to-face. This is why you have to be the brave one to network and get your name and face out there and mix it up with the people who can give you the opportunities you need. Recent graduates and current college students often have the easiest times networking effectively. 

Usually, people are happy to help those just starting out and looking for information. Simply calling individuals in certain businesses can yield surprisingly useful results when you’re starting to build your network and your career. A common way that recent graduates can network effectively is by calling workers in companies they would like to work for and asking them what kind work they do. You’d be surprised how many people are happy to answer these questions and set up appointments for you.

Andrew Charlton is a trained economist who has made his name by writing and analyzing big economic issues. He earned a Doctorate in Economics from the Oxford University and was Australia’s representative to the G20 summit in 2008. 

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  1. Students need to apply their knowledge in real life. Otherwise, what were all those exams and homework for?