Thursday, 24 September 2015

Andrew Charlton: Trade Expert

Andrew Charlton is a respected economic expert from Australia, who has studied and written about large economic issues affecting developing nations around the world. One of his specialties is macroeconomics and the effects of global development strategies on countries working to expand their economies and enter the world stage. 

Charlton earned his Doctorate in Economics from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. He has taught Economics at Oxford University and the London School of Economics and has extensively studied the effects of globalization on developing nations as well as international finance and development.

Andrew Charlton has written extensively on the subject of macroeconomics and development over his long career. He is the author of several books, articles, and essays about specific findings and research concerning how countries develop economies for the global trade environment and other subjects. Charlton published Ozonomics in 2007 and Fair Trade For All in 2005, both written with the help of Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz. 

Ozonomics is an attempt to cut through the political noise surrounding some of the most important economic issues of our time and explain what really matters to people around the world in the coming years. Stiglitz and Charlton argue that the most important economic issues for the future are workers’ rights, protectionism, immigration, and investment in technology and education. Andrew Charlton is passionate about these issues, and he hopes that his writing, with the help of Stiglitz, will spur change and help the global economy become more beneficial and fair to all of its players.

Andrew Charlton works for AlphaBeta Strategy and Economics, which helps corporations, government entities, and nonprofit organizations make large scale decisions regarding their business strategy according to the constantly shifting economic forces around the world. With two offices, one in Sydney and the other in Singapore, AlphaBeta reaches many clients in Southeast Asia and Australia. Charlton has helped many clients adapt to the rapidly changing global economy that has affected us all.

Some of the most famous Andrew Charlton work is about how large economic forces affect all of us. His book Ozonomics attempted to explain how several vital economic issues will affect everything to our salaries to the range of produce found in supermarkets around the world. Charlton also outlined how free trade has the potential to fuel the development of Third World economies around the world in his book, Fair Trade for All, which Charlton’s friend, mentor and frequent co-author Joseph Stiglitz collaborated with him on. 

The book outlines how free trade can be made into an engine for developing nations, and how it doesn’t have to have the negative effects it has had in the past, including environmental destruction and stymied markets. Charlton believes that developing countries can improve their economies with careful economic policies set forth by the Western world.

Andrew Charlton focused his research when he was at Oxford University and elsewhere on macroeconomics and international finance, which he feels are the most important issues for millions of people around the world affected by changing markets and developing economies. 

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