Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Andrew Charlton: Wesfarmers Ltd.

Wesfarmers Ltd. is one of the largest companies based in Australia. It is also one of the largest employers in the country. With operations in many different industries, including retail, chemicals, and coal production and exports, Wesfarmers Ltd. is an economic force within Australia. The company is always looking for advisors and economic experts to help it satisfy its 500,000 shareholders and continue to provide jobs and economic stimulus to the country.

Andrew Charlton came to work for Wesfarmers Ltd. in 2010 after spending two years as Australia’s senior economic representative to the G20 Leaders Forum and after working as former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Senior Economic Advisor. Charlton has served Wesfarmers Ltd. in various capacities, lending his economic expertise to the leadership’s decisions over the past five years.

Andrew Charlton was educated at Oxford, where he earned an MPhil in Economics in 2003 and a DPhil in International Finance in 2005. He has written two books, one with the help of Joseph Stiglitz called Fair Trade for All, published in 2005, and Ozonomics, published by Random House Australia in 2007. 

He is also the author of many articles in reputable economic journals such as the American Economic Review and the World Trade Review. Charlton joined Wesfarmers Ltd. because the company wanted to boost its stock prices with the help of a leading economist. Charlton’s ideas have proliferated throughout the economic expert community.

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