Monday, 27 April 2015

Andrew Charlton: Rise in Parliament

Andrew Charlton’s political career got off to an early start as an economic adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. It wasn't long before he moved his way up to being the Senior Economic Adviser and going on to represent his country at global events such as the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference as well as the G20 Leaders Summit. 

Below is an excerpt from a write up the Sydney Morning Herald did in 2010 on him and his rise in parliament.

“All the while, the prime minister's personal office had become more and more influential as a source of advice, and that was adding to the anger and fear in the ministry and caucus. The prime minister's staff were capable but, according to the critics, they were politically inexperienced and often given jobs far above their station.

Particularly influential was Rudd's economics adviser, Andrew Charlton, who became so close to his boss some insiders called him "the muse".”

Andrew Charlton now has stepped away from government, and is working in the private sector in the corporate offices of Wesfarmers, and is now a director of Alpha Beta Advisors.

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